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800-961-1963-Norton 360 from Symantec and its Customer Service

Norton 360 is created by Symantec and is also classified as an all-in-one security suite. This is among the best antivirus software in the world and is a fusion of online protection and performance tuning. The general meaning of performance tuning is the enhancement in the performance of the system. Norton 360 differs from the Norton internet security because of two things associated with it. One is the optimization and other is issues solving tools.

Norton 360- the past

Norton 360 was given as a boxed copy. Boxed copy is the word for the compact disc. It could also be downloaded or pre-installed in the computers in the form of OEM software. In mid 2014, Norton 360 faced discontinuation but all its features are shifted to Norton security as of now. Users using the Norton 360 in their computers or notebooks or mobile phones can go for the  Norton 360 Online Customer Service in case of any problem with respect to its operation.

Project Genesis and further

In Feb 2006, Symantec made the announcement of Project Genesis. This was actually different from other customer security products associated with it. The reason being it was associated with the file back and tools related to the performance optimization. Besides the capability of the antivirus, there was also firewall attached to it. On 31 May, it was renamed as Norton 360 with the confirmation of the feature set. Norton 360 had the same functionality as that of Norton internet security and was associated with file backup, performance tools, phishing protection and heuristics. More information about the past history of Norton 360 can be gathered through Norton 360 Support Service Number by dialing the professional having detailed knowledge about this particular product from Symantec.

Version 1.0

On Feb 26, 2007, version 1.0 was released. In fact, this was the first among the Symantec products that made use of SONAR [Symantec online network for advanced response] for tracing the zero day viruses. It was watching over the applications for any kind of malicious behavior and if there was the need, it took the action. By the help of the functionality backup and restore, users were permitted to back-up the files online.

Version 2.0

On March 2008, the version of 2.0 was released. There was back-up feature associated with this and one could manage various installations of Norton 360 from centralized location. While the online file back-up, the user had the option to control bandwidth amount used by Norton.

Version 3.0

Om March 4, 2009, there was the release of version 3.0 of Norton 360. Codebase for this version and Norton Internet Security 2009 was the same. For the earlier versions, Symantec rewrote code more specifically for Norton 360. For any doubt clarification regarding this, can write to  Norton 360 Support Service.

Version 4.0, version 5.0 and version 6.0

This was released on February 17, 2010.  There was the addition of the new features related to the security. On February, 2011, there was release of version 5.0 associated with the enhanced performance and virus tracing capability. It had the enhanced version of SONAR [version 3]. The version 6.0 was associated with Metered Broadband Modes.

Version less and Version 21[2014], Version 22

It was released on Sept 5, 2012.  It was associated with the latest Norton Antivirus apart from Norton Internet security products. Version 21 of the Norton security suite came on Sept 4, 2013. This had the SONAR technology that could trace, block and eradicate the threat. It was because of the three shields associated with it like threat monitoring, threat removal and network defense. On Sept 2014, version 22 was released and marketed as Norton Security 2015. http://nortonhelp.support/norton-support-number/

Editions of Norton 360 and compatibility with Windows 8

The three editions of Norton 360 are Norton 360 standard, Norton 360 premium, Norton 360 multi-device. In the premium edition, there is 25 GB of online storage.

Assistance for Norton

 Symantec provides general and product help for Norton. The general help include download and install, renewal and purchase, threat removal. In the product help, you have the Norton security for Windows, Norton security for Mac and Norton security for mobile.  If you, by accident, purchase more than one Norton product, shall be granted help from Symantec. If you have purchased Norton product but want to download by the help of key on a card, shall be provided the assistance. For shifting Norton product from one computer to another, you can take the guidance from the experts of Symantec. If you are not able to start the Norton product on Mac or cannot download it, you can receive the guidance without hesitation. Norton relevance is increasing day by day because the computer wants complete protection and this is an undeniable fact. The user does not want to suffer by malicious threats.

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800-961-1963-Here’s Top Four Technical Solutions for Issues with Norton on Windows 10

When a new operating system is introduced, the framework of every associated applications and software programs gets advanced so that they don’t develop any incompatibility issues while using them on the new operating system. This is the same what is happening to Norton antivirus program on Windows 10 OS. 

Windows 10 is the latest edition and millions of users have switched over to the newest copy of Microsoft Windows OS. But most of them have reported some incompatibility issues between Norton and Windows 10 OS. Though the issue doesn’t happen to be much immovable, you can easily remove all obstacles in a while. With certified Norton Support Services team, you can easily ensure a flawless and hassle-free antivirus execution.    

Here in the write-up, we will discuss about four technical solutions on incompatibility issues between Norton and Windows 10 OS, which you may probably come across while trying to use Norton on Windows 10 OS.

·        Unable to find Norton product after upgrading to Windows 10

If you are now unable to find Norton product after upgrading your computer system to Windows 10 OS, you can go through the following procedures:

·        Download Fix Tool and save the same on the desktop
·        Now do a right-click on Windows10NortonUpgrader.exe file, and click Run as administrator in the drop down options
·        It opens up an installation window, and click Next in the window
·        Follow the on-screen instructions

These are the steps that you can apply to find your Norton product on your Windows 10 computer system. If you are still not able to see the product, then contact Norton customer help. http://customerhelp.support/phone-number-symantec-support/

·        Unable to start Norton after upgrading the PC to Windows 10

Sometimes, you see the Norton product on your computer system, but you are not able to start it after upgrading your PC to Windows 10. In such conditions, you can go through the following steps:

·        Restart your computer system
·        Download Norton Remove and Reinstall tool and then run the program as an administrator
·        It opens up a separate window, follow the onscreen instructions to take the process further
·        Norton Identity Safe and Norton Toolbar not compatible with Microsoft Edge

There is a huge possibility to see your Norton product popping up a message, saying you to launch a supported web browser for the antivirus program. Default web browser on Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge and it is hardly compatible with the Norton product. In that case, you need to either change the default web browser or dial Norton Support Phone Service Number to get a real time solution.     

As the experts suggest, it is better to use other web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Google Chrome for using Norton antivirus product flawlessly on your Windows 10 computer system and enjoy its features with the utmost accuracy.

While setting up a default web browser for Norton product, you should be careful to some extent – make sure you have a direct access to a reliable technician who can help you find the best solution instantly without any obstacle during any unfortunate technical issue that may probably take place at any point in time.

·        Check if your Norton is compatible with Windows 10

Now it comes to the compatibility of Norton with your Windows 10 computer system. Before you start installing the product, you should check if the antivirus program is compatible with your computer system. It is probably a precautionary step that you should try before you install the program on your computer system.

In that case, you need to update your Norton to the latest edition so that you don’t see any error message whenever you start the program.

What if the issue is still there in place?

Apart from implementing these procedures, you are still encountering the problem with Norton antivirus program; you need to stop applying any additional method and access to a reliable Norton tech support service provider in a real time. With the help of certified methods offered by Norton technicians, it is probably convenient and easy for you to get all types of technical problems resolved with accuracy.

Though Norton 360 Support Services can also be accessed at Symantec’s official helpdesk, yet you need to be careful to some extent. If your official support subscription plan has got expired and it will not cost you if you ask for a technical help at Symantec helpdesk, then you would better contact an independent service provider who offers their expertise at affordable cost.

When compared with official support plan, the independent ones appear to be more affordable in several ways. On the other hand, they offer a fast and instantaneous solution with increased accuracy. So, if you are looking for an instant solution, then better is to contact an independent techie and get a real time Norton help.

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800-961-1963-Contact Tech Support to Learn Norton and Its Relevance to the Internet Security

Norton is known all over the world because of its capability to provide strong internet and computer security combined together. The security software made by Symantec Corporation. Comes in Standard, Deluxe and Premium editions, which all are intended to offer protection cover to the laptops, computers as well as the smartphones against any kind of malicious attack that can harm in the form of malware, spyware and various types of viruses.

Norton security is associated with the added features

There are added features associated with Norton security and one of the main is the protection of the identity during the surfing of web and also the PC optimization and the tune up. Besides this, it is very powerful as far as the file backing and the restoration is concerned. It also carries the parental control options.  Norton Technical Phone Support is a good source in case one is interested to know the features in detail from an expert who has studied Norton antivirus software fully and is well versed with the latest updates in the international market.

Downloading the Norton security is a good option

Norton 360 is replaced by Norton security and the later has added advantages over the former versions. The big thing about this latest version is that it provides the comprehensive protection and such type of security is not provided by all types of antivirus software that are available in the market as of today. By the help of comprehensive protection, you can protect the PC from the online attacks in the firm of spyware and malware. With this, the crucial data in the PC is secured. When all this happens within the PC, there is a fine tuning and because of this, PC operates in a smooth manner.  Norton Customer Online Support  provides valuable guidance related to Norton security.

Other associated features of Norton security

 Norton security provides web safety as well as the identity safety.  It also provides the parental control management and is associated with the anti phishing technology, the smart scheduler and various other features. If one is interested in going the deeper details of these features, then seeking technical support by calling  Norton Tech Support Phone Number  shall be good. One can also go through the Norton PC protection as well as the internet security products.

Virus protection and the internet security

 By the help of the Norton security, the PC runs in a smooth manner and there is no doubt about this vital fact. The big advantage of this is it gives you the prior warning regarding the intrusions as well as the online threats thereby giving complete security to the crucial data. When you understand the features of Norton security, you can very well understand the protection level this antivirus software provides the user. http://www.nortonhelp.support

PC security

 By the help of Norton security, the internet becomes totally secure because of the fact that the spyware, the malware and virus attacks are stopped.  There is a smart firewall associated and provides the security to the computer from the hacker attacks as well as the online intrusions.  It is a perfect blocker as far as the spam email is concerned. By this, you can see the process that is operating on the computer and whether such processes are decreasing the speed of the computer or not. It gives prior warning related to download of the files that are harmful. You shall be daily updated regarding new threats by the help of this application.

Protection of identity

There are cybercriminals who use the false but authentic websites as they may look.  The goal is to lure the innocent victims for the identity theft.  Because of the anti-phishing technology associated with Norton, you shall get the advanced warnings of the suspicious websites and shall get such alerts when you search browsers like the Google chrome, internet explorer or Firefox. This also provides the safety to the passwords and you can use them safely in future. By this, you can generate the password vault saving the password for the future use in encrypted format. http://www.customerhelp.support/norton-phone-number

Backing up of files

 This automatic feature permits scheduling of the back-up sets for the security of files that are crucial. These also include the music and pictures to the external drives or online.  If the computer suffers crash, you can make use of the backup for restoring the precious data. In the Norton security, you can get 2GB of free online backup space in the cloud – which is truly an impressive thing to ensure the best security to your data files.

Tune up-PC

By this, you can operate file clean up and disk optimization programs. This is for the fine tuning of the computer settings. By this, the computer operates in smooth manner. By freeing memory, applications run smooth.
Norton Security is a complete back up for your PC and by its install; PC shall have a long term security.

Previous Article on Norton :  http://nortonhelpsupp.blogspot.in/2016/10/800-961-1963-give-try-to-norton.html

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800-961-1963- Give a Try to Norton Security Premium to Ensure Security to Your PC

Looking forward to ensuring a complete protection to your personal computer against possible online threats? Check out Symantec Norton Security Premium to ensure a contemporary protection against feasible threats.

With increasing possibility of online threats for your computer system and data files, it is necessary to switch over to a modern-day protection suite that can identify all types of malicious elements and kill them at the dot. There are so many such incidents when users got their files corrupted or invaded by unknown sources even when their computer system was duly protected by an anti-malware program. http://www.nortonhelp.support

To stop online malicious elements from entering your computer system, you need to install Norton Premium Security suite that includes high-end features and tools to ensure the best security against all types of online threats.
In this article, we will go through some features that have been added to Norton Premium, as well as some technical challenges that may happen to your personal computer at any point in time.

Since Norton Premium suite is not aloof from the key characteristics of software suites, you should always be ready to take on all types of technical problems that you may encounter. We will also talk about available  Norton Technical Phone Support  services that you can access at the time when you come across technical glitches.  

What is new in Norton Security Premium?

As supposed, Norton Security Premium suite comes in featured with a number of advanced tools to provide extended security to all operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS. Unlike previous editions, Norton Security Premium offers some worthwhile benefits that all users care about. Here are the benefits:
·        You are now able to give protection to 10 devices and machines with a single subscription
·        Paternal protection gives your children a reliable defense against possible online threats
·        It keeps your identity and online transactions safe and secure
·        A secure 25 GB cloud backup to ensure no data lose in any condition
·        Additional safety against ransomware
·        24x7 alert notifications in case of any malware threats  

In addition to these benefits, you can also personalize its settings to make sure you download and install malware-free applications on your mobile phone. It gets integrated with the app store and checks if there any malicious application left in the store.

Analyzing and killing More Malicious Elements:

As sophisticated cybercrime is in place to target your sensitive data files and financial information, Norton makes it possible to identify each and every impending threat in a real time and to neutralize them at the same moment. It builds up a robust shield around your computer system, which starts fighting against cybercriminal from the moment you get subscribed. It comes up with “Virus Protection Promise” with an official  Norton Customer Online Support  to keep the protection suite functional all the way.

As mentioned above, it performs an automatic backup process in a fixed interval (as per your preference) so that your data files can be stored safely in the cloud storage. It gives 25 GB of safe cloud storage with an option to add more folders as per your preferences.  

While you need to make a change in its settings to avail of customized tools against online threats, you should be quite careful right from the outset. If you don’t understand how to own Norton Premium for your computer system, you should dial  Norton Tech Support Phone Number and get connected to reliable techies in a real time.
If the program is installed and set up wrongly on your personal computer, there are some common irritating technical issues that can give a setback to your experience. To avoid such unnecessary situations, you need a reliable Norton support from certified technicians.

Here get through the potential issues that you should always be ready to resolve them:

·        Error 8504, 8506, 5013, 5022, 3039, 3048, 3047
·        Conflict with Windows registry
·        Inconsistent performance after installing the security suite
·        Unable to upgrade or update installed programs
·        Unable to identify malware
·        Showing up error messages while accessing some data files

Though these are commonly-identified symptoms and you can easily overcome these situations, however you need to be prepared with advanced techniques as well so that you can neutralize other threats as well. If you want a complete protection to your PC, you need to firstly check if there is a reliable customer help mechanism in place to support you in case of any technical error.

Why Independent Technicians:

You would be wondering whether independent technicians are better over the official professionals. Both are aimed at helping users to get rid of possible technical problems with Norton Premium – but the inclination towards a particular one is all driven by your priority. If you require an instant tech support to upkeep the technical inheritance of your Norton antivirus suite, then selecting independent professionals is somehow more worthwhile.